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a community college in gloucester county nj that's mad easy.
most people who go there just hang out in the cc or the library checking their myspace or facebook every 2 seconds.

most ppl who go there:

kids who just graduated from either Delsea, Williamstown, Twp. (washington township as its call by people who dont live in south jersey), West Deptford, Deptford, Gateway, Clearview
-for them, GCC is known as 13th grade because they go there with a lot of the people they graduated high school with or simply just Delsea 13, Twp. 13, ect.


people that are 25+ with at least one kid who are going back to school


people from philly who don't wanna go to a real school in their own city


those teachers 2K program kids (education majors) who are all bff with everyone in their group
Are you goin to college after graduation? : No;...i'm goin to GCC
by johnlikespunchinbitches March 02, 2008

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