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Illinois Senator/Presidential candidate Barack Obama. Usually, the "Hussein" is added by critics (conservative politicians, Fox News, the people of West Virginia) to draw parallels with Saddam Hussein.

Barack is actually named after his father, Barack Hussein Obama Sr., who was born before the Iraqi leader. Hussein is actually a very popular Arabic name which means good or handsome. The Hussein is often used to fuel the omnipresent "Secret Muslim" rumors, which is ironic since Saddam was a secular leader.
"Did you know that his full name is Barack Hussein Obama?"--Steve Doocy, multiple times.

"I don't like the Hussein. I've had enough of Hussein!"--some West Virginia voter that was aired on many newscasts.
by JohnJF July 21, 2008
Proof that mainstream music audience are idiots with little regard for quality.
If Katy Perry had written a song about anything other than kissing a girl, it wouldn't be in the Top 100, much less a #1.
by JohnJF July 10, 2008
An American political party. They are well-known for having numerous flaws, such as lack of general ideas, hypocrisy (touting free speech and then growing irritated any time anybody says something that could be construed as a slur), and lack of party identity (though 90% of African-Americans vote for this party, its longest-tenured member of the Senate is a former KKK leader). However, it also has some positive qualities, most notably the fact that they are not the Republican Party.
The Democratic Party may not be a great option, but it's certainly better than voting Republican.
by JohnJF April 11, 2008
Known for three scoring records:
1. NBA points in a career (since eclipsed by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Karl Malone)
2. NBA points in game (still intact at 100)
3. Women scored in a lifetime (really, is anybody going to dispute that one?)
Man #1: I wish I could score like Wilt Chamberlain.
Man #2: Yeah, he could dominate a basketball game like no other.
Man #1: Yeah, um, that's right, basketball.
by JohnJF February 16, 2008
A NASCAR driver hated by its core fan base for being articulate, good-looking, talented, tolerant of minorities, better than Dale Earnhardt. Jr (see Redneck Jesus), and the man most often used to market NASCAR outside of the Confederacy.
"I hate Jeff Gordon. Whoo Junior!!!!!!!!!!!!"
by JohnJF February 17, 2008
The irrational fear of hope. Refers to Barack Obama. Usually refers not to policy differences with Barack Obama but to believing unproven Internet rumors (that he's a Muslim, that he wants to enslave white people, etc.).
"I don't have Baracknophobia. He's a Muslim!"--Anonymous Grandmother
by JohnJF July 10, 2008
1. One of the greatest albums ever recorded.
2. A very good song that is one of the ten best in the career of Prince Rogers Nelson.
3. A mildly retarded and plotless movie that was essentially a long-form music video of the album.
I bought the Purple Rain soundtrack so I could hear the song Purple Rain and the eight other immaculate tracks that got me to watch that entire piece of shit movie.
by JohnJF February 16, 2008

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