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A NFL quarterback for the Miami Dolphins. Was selected in the 2nd round of the 2009 NFL Draft. Former QB for the West Virginia Mountaineers and won them 4 straight bowl games, being the only QB in FBS history to do so.

Very well known for his Michael Vick like speed and agility, although his arm isn't quite as strong. Was seen as a possible first round pick in the 09 draft if he switched to WR/RB/return-man but decided QB was his position. Seen as a big threat when the Dolphins add him to their Wild-Cat offense.
Tom: Hey, that guy is pretty fast and kind of reminds me of Vick or Kordell Stewart.

Jerry: Yea, that's Pat White.
by john_s_money22 December 15, 2009
The act before your penis becomes erect due to factors such as seeing a woman and/or man that gets you horny. Normally, you get a warm, tingly feeling then your penis shoots up and your genitals start pumping up some sperm.
Tom: Hey, look at Becca there. Gosh, she has a smokin' hot bod.

Jerry: Yeah man! Yeah! She's giving me that Tingly Dingly!
by john_s_money22 December 15, 2009

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