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A scumbag with no equal. The kind of tough ass, New York/New Jersey/Philadelphia guido you find trolling mainstream clubs in the tri-state area. Usually a high school graduate or GED certified, a Tommy-bag is an aggressive sociopath that should be avoided at all cost.
A tommy-bag finds it difficult to interact socially with the world around him. He interprets every sensory perception as a threat to his masculinity, and therefore has a hard time leaving somewhere without first being thrown out.
You can recognize a tommy-bag by his orange skin, gold chain,kangol hat, stifling amounts of cheap cologne, and a hostile, negative attitude toward everything in general.
The tommy-bag spends his days filling the minds of others with his ignorant opinions on sports, municipal politics, and women, usually in a local tavern or bar or even more likely, sports talk radio.
Phil's getting thrown out of the pizza shop again. What a tommy-bag

I cant believe that big fucking tommy-bag wanted to fight that waitress.
by john duffy October 16, 2005
A term used by many in reference to preppy high school aged males. The word is especially hilarious because of the effeminate connotations of the word queef, and the images of wealth created by the suffix 'ington'.

Rocker: Hey Queefington, did your mom buy you that faggoty blazer?
Queefington: Actually, its from my prep school.
Rocker: Im going to kick your ass
by john duffy October 15, 2005
The state of being ready to ball and/or get down. The balled up individual is typically dressed in his finest clothing for whichever activity hes getting ready for.
Look at his watch, tims, crisp jeans, button up, earrings. Hes focused. He's Balled up.

Nice Jordan's, Jerome. You look balled up.
by john duffy October 15, 2005
A person in possession of both an abnormally prominent chin and forehead (CHin + forehEAD=Ched) The individual typically resembles an extraterrestrial life form, especially when combined with almond shaped eyes and/or wrap around sunglasses. The Ched's natural habitat is in the McDonald's kitchen, where he works to support a drug habit and/or pregnant underage girlfriend.
Mike: Dude, you could project a movie on that guy's forehead
Steve: Yeah his chin is shaped like an ice cream cone
Bob: Guys, he's a ched.
by john duffy October 16, 2005

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