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70 definitions by john gaskell

A small bum-nut of Cannabis Resin, usually around a pipe's worth or maybe two small ones.
" Do you wanna hit a pipe? I've got a Nib of Wab left from last nights episode "
by John Gaskell March 24, 2004
1 4
A Giro Cheque issued on a fortnightly basis to the unemployed in Britain.
Also: Jigger, Giro, Scratch
" is fuckin right kid, I'll pay ye that when I get me jid, you know that lad!!!"
by John Gaskell February 11, 2004
2 5
A pair of skin-tight silk track suit bottoms usually with 1 or 2 bold stripes running down each side. Common in area's such as Middlesborough or Flintshire etc.
" fuck me arrr kid, these silks are TOO fuckin tight, do ye wan em?"
by John Gaskell February 11, 2004
1 4
A Term derived from the word Ponce. To be fully Poncified is to stay home with your new girlfriend instead of meeting your mates in the Boozer, or of an equal crime if not worse, to stay home because your skint after you've give your bird all your money to go out with her mates on the pull. You take on the role of the female and also put on weight because you've discovered that your a good cook.
" Where the fuck is Barry? he's fuckin Poncified, he hasn't turned up to darts night three weeks running, that tart has got him were she wants him, the soft cunt. Another pint Lads? "
by John Gaskell April 08, 2004
6 10
A Phrase meaning to punch someone, to Bang Out.
" if you don't shut ye fuckin Grid in the next 2 seconds I'm gonna fuckin Bang you Out! "
by John Gaskell April 08, 2004
13 17
When someone breaks wind and it smells very potent, similar to that of a wet dog but much worse.
" aarrrr fuckin smell that ye cunt, its a Dog Nasty "
by John Gaskell March 25, 2004
4 8
An interruption during a masturabtion session
" Who's this calling at this time???? "
" I hate Wank Interruptions "
by John Gaskell September 17, 2005
15 20