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A girl with large Goofy teeth, usually completely ruins her appearance with a shame if she has a nice body but I'm known to overlook this kind of Blemish when I'm fairly tanked
" she had a bit of an overbite but I redeemed the situation by takin her from behind Nice & Laughin!! "
by John Gaskell March 29, 2004
A state of extreme happiness mainly due to a large amount of money coming ones way,a good sexual encounter or a nice high from a variety of drugs
" I'm was out all weekend with that Tax Rebate money, fanny everywhere. Nice & Laughin'!! "
by John Gaskell March 20, 2004
A baldy fellow around late 50's who sits in the hut window by the gates of VSEL shipyard in Birkenhead pretending to be a security guard while hooded up, pissed up & extremely late workers run past the window and laugh heartily around the corner while he attempts to give chase.
EMPLOYEE A: " fancy another Stella?"
EMPLOYEE B: "Its 1:15pm,we're already late!"
EMPLOYEE A: "so,go through the Vickers gates"
EMPLOYEE B: "what about the security guard?"
EMPLOYEE A: "What!!!Old Man Ronk?? your havin a Giraffe aren't ye? just jog past the cunt"
by John Gaskell March 20, 2004
Someone who is just wrong either a sex case,nonce or similar
" the Taff is a wrong-un, spends his rent money on skin mags and 1.50p texts, won't be long until he's up in court again "
by John Gaskell April 17, 2006
To take early retirement
" that fuckin Mingebag who still lives with his mam is takin an early bath "
by John Gaskell September 17, 2005
Slang meaning to have sex
" I've got a few Dirts round at ours lad, I'm be doin' loads of Cowpin'!!"
by John Gaskell May 28, 2004
A made up word my girlfriend calls me occasionally during and after a Bender, it stands for BIG WANKER ALCHY FAT TWAT. I'm not really, just when I'm bladderd
ME: " come ere doll, gizzzz a kiss "
MY BIRD: " fuck off BWAFT "
by John Gaskell March 28, 2004
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