2 definitions by johanan

1. n, the process of creating a manifesto for a poly multi mixed media unversality.

2. n, an eclecticism happening.

3. n, a set of beliefs, values, and practices based on the teachings of play.

4. n, belief in and reverence for the supernatural power or powers regarded as play.
A good man was there of playlife.
by johanan February 29, 2004
1. n, a biological function described as a discharge of superabundant vital energy utilized by instinct for relaxation and recreation in strict harmless intent.

2. n, the training of the young creature for the serious work that life later on demands.

3. n, an exercise in non-restraint needful to an individual.

4. n, an innate urge to exercise a certain faculty in the desire to dominate or compete.

5. n, an outlet for harmless impulses, as the necessary restorer of energy, designed to keep up the feelings of persons.
Play cannot be denied.
by johanan February 29, 2004

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