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The host of Atop the Fourth Wall on thatguywiththeglasses.com which deals with the review of horrible comics. Trademarks include his hat, jacket, exclaiming "this comic sucks!" at the end of a review, and his magic gun that doesn't need bullets. Mortal enemy is Dr. Insano. He IS A MAN!
Linkara: Welcome to Atop the Fourth Wall where bad comics burn.
by jofo11 April 06, 2011
Alter-Ego of The Spoony One from The Spoony Experiment and the mortal enemy of Linkara. Powers include genius intellect, skill in all fields of science, and the ability to harness the power of science to fire blasts of green electricity from his hands. Trademarks include his high pitched cackle, and loudly exclaiming SCIENCE while raising his hand with his index finger pointed upward. Accolades include the creation of his son whom is a weird jelly like creature, creating an anti-magic field generator as well as a time compressor, and getting an Atari Jaguar to work briefly.
Linkara: DR INSANO!
Dr. Insano: OF COURSE!!
by jofo11 April 06, 2011

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