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Brand of clothing created by rap artist Young Jeezy.
"8732 Apparel"

"I got 87 jeans with a fresh pair of nikes on!"
by joeythewoody March 09, 2008
A song by Rihanna and Akon that has leaked on the internet a bit early. People arent sure wether or not it is akon but it is. Rihanna for sure because she has her name said in the song towards the end. People think Ray L is the one doing Akons part but it has been confirmed that its Akon and he just isnt using autotunes, so he sounds a little different. Very good song. About a woman finding out her man is cheating and hes going to be in the emergency room because he'll die without her.
"You gon' be in the emergency room, i'm standing by your bed and so tempted to pull outcha IV. You gon' be in the emergency room, im fighting with myself, i cant hurt ya even though you hurt me."
by joeythewoody January 19, 2009
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