2 definitions by joey77wvu

bed sores and egsama combined into one
you notice your roommate develops weird lumps and creases on his back and a weird rash spots up right in the middle of it, probably because he never gets out of bed or showers. that kid has begsama everyone calls it
by joey77wvu January 28, 2009
a Italian female guido from the state New Jersey street black hair usually extensions, sexy ass outfits, fake tan, horrible accent, usually obsessed with Philadelphia sports yet they can't tell you the quarterbacks name of the eagles. Freak in the sheets drink slut at the bar, hangs with you until your bank account says 0, then they move on
you my boi said stay away from those New Jersey Hot girls when you go to college this year, they'll screw you over bro
by joey77wvu January 29, 2009

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