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Emo is short for the word emotional.
Insted of discussing what the word Emo does mean I am going to discuss what the word does NOT mean.
The word Emotional is not defined as meaning sad or depressed it is defined as {Being full of fealing} so how is it that the word Emo being derived from the word Emotional has come to be a word associated with sadness and depression.
Emo: {The Bastardisation of the word Emotionalmeaning "Full of fealing".
Fealing!! Not sadness. Fealing!!
eg: " It dosent take much to make us emo kids happy"
eg: " emo kids fall in love so easy"
by joey.D August 13, 2006
Fucking someone you're allowed to fuck, but wishing you were fucking someone else.
Her boyfriend is so hot. Am totally going to surrogate fuck him tonight.
by Joey.D February 24, 2014

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