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Verb - A tweenage girl (under 15) who behaves and/or dresses like a tart.
Jinkies, look at that tartlet. So very much jail-bait.
by joe_seph January 20, 2005
A girl who is awesome, but in a somewhat slutty way.
She's pretty darn whoresome
by joe_seph September 27, 2005

An unfinished and/or unusually short song.
The Silent Minority have 8 songs and 2 songlettes.
by joe_seph August 16, 2005
Noun ~ An amount of currency, usually in cash form.
"I don't have the dollerage for that CD"
by joe_seph January 18, 2005
Verb ~ Visiting a cinema and/or watching films.
"I'm cinemaing tonight, want to come with?"
by joe_seph January 18, 2005

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