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any ranz who plays runescape non stop all summer. In most cases, said person fishes for lobby's, mines coal, and cuts down dark magical trees to build fires. They then use the fires to cook their lobby's of course. In intense player-killing (pk) episodes deep in the wildy, ranzscapers eat their lobby's and other cooked food for increased health-XP. Noobs to the game usually get killed by spell-casting ranzes. Anyone who fits this definition would rather pursue secret quests than have a legitimate social life. In other words, aforementioned person is so ranz.
"Stop being such a ranzscaper and lets hangout this summer, bro favor"
by joe shmoe9999 August 23, 2009
to get yelled at, scolded, or reprimanded for something, regardless of whether you may or may not have done it.

to attempt, but fail miserably at, being extremely bad-ass.
"I just got littlefielded by Russell and i wasn't even doin anything wrong"

"I'm white but i dress like a gangster and smoke.. i littlefielded"
by joe shmoe9999 August 23, 2009
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