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someone who always supports a person born in the same country, state, province or city even if they're a complete tool
tool lover: dude i love jim carrey especially in dumb and dumber
man: jim carrey is such a fucking tool
tool lover: omg he's canadian you antinationalist
man: dude you're such a patriosexual
by joe rogan the thirty first April 03, 2010
a white man who wears nike clothing even knowing how fucking ugly it is (most often someone of the fat variety)
fat guy: dude check out this new nike shirt and these dope nike shoes
guy: you could at least wear the shoes while you're not wearing the shirt or everyone will think you're a nike douche
by joe rogan the thirty first April 02, 2010
a competition between a gay couple to see who can cum first while masturbation to the other persons ass hole
guy1: where's guy3
guy2: i'm pretty sure he was having a wak war with guy4
guy1: that son of a bitch cheeted on me
by joe rogan the thirty first April 03, 2010

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