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when your not sure if you have to fart or shit and you take the chance any way thats what gambling is all about
doug gambled and lost and shit his pants insted of letting out some harmless gas
by joe brown pimp king May 04, 2005
a hammer is a move you give to a friend after he has insulted you. you hit him in the inner arm hard with your fist closed and it hurts like hell
doug was talking trash about joe's mama and joe gave doug the hammer
by joe brown pimp king May 02, 2005
this is where you get a running start and try to get ur balls to hit others in the back of the head they are either sitting down or walking its nearly impossable but ive done it
doug was eating his lunch when joe jumped on the back of his seat and hit him in the head with his balls
by joe brown pimp king April 28, 2005
an ostridge is when you dig a hole in the ground and put a bitches head in there and you rail the shit out of her with ur penis it can be done in the ass or the vagina it doesnt matter
joe gave jane the ostridge because she was being a bitch
by joe brown pimp king May 03, 2005

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