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4 definitions by joe b

A high quality mens business suit.
Check out my pimpstich. A three piece pin stripe suit with gators. A tight ass suit. Pimp ass suit. A high thread count suit. A brand name suit.
by Joe B February 24, 2006
British term for a hooded jacket, usually of weatherproofed material; much like the American term "slicker."
Cecil put on his anorak before going out in the rain.
by joe b May 25, 2006
Shortened term for frisbee golf. Also used as a verb.
Do you want to frolf?
I just got done frolfing.
by Joe B September 24, 2003
a person of the male sex (young) who can be relied upon to make any situation fun. The best type of friend. Me - mmm....funboy!!!
eg. mmm.....funboy!
by joe b November 26, 2003