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19 definitions by joe rodolico

A stunningly, beautiful, well-bred woman praised and admired by men all over the world. The title derived from the name of screen legend Gene Tierney.
I did not believe I would ever meet a real tierney, but when I caught my first glimpse of Lucy, I just stood there motionless, marveling at her beauty.
by Joe Rodolico May 04, 2008
An acronym for a loan given to a person designated as "No income, no job or assets;" hence - N-I-N-J-A.

The bank's ninja loans have ruined its credit rating. Now, no other bank will lend it money.
by Joe Rodolico September 11, 2007
A thrift shopper who will stop at nothing to get a bargain; including trampling store employees to death. The term is a combination of "frugal" and the Spanish suffix "-ista" which connoting someone who is dedicated to a cause.
Black Friday saw the emergence of a new breed of shopper, the frugalistas, as they stampeded into a store for Christmas shopping; trampling an employee to death.
by Joe Rodolico December 02, 2008
A phenomenon in economics in which too much loose cash finds its way into an area of the market, e.g., stocks, housing, dot-com, etc., resulting in a buying frenzy that leads to wildly inflated prices. Economic activity in those areas affected is not sustainable in the long run, so large numbers of late investors eventually go bankrupt.
We were warned of an economic bubble, but bought high-priced shares anyway thinking we could unload them on some poor sap before the bubble burst. Boy, were we wrong!
by Joe Rodolico February 09, 2007
Any unskilled worker laboring to pay off huge debts.
Low income individuals can be quite optimistic about the future when using plastic instead of cash to make purchases. But if, for some reason, they suffer a financial setback, that little piece of plastic may turn them into credit card coolies.
by Joe Rodolico January 23, 2007
A new breed of thrift shoppers that will trample or kill anyone who stands in between them and a bargain.
Black Friday was really sad this year when a mob of frugalistas trampled a guy to death just to save a few dollars on Christmas shopping.
by Joe Rodolico December 02, 2008
A person working to pay off huge debts.
Freya didn't really understand how credit card interest rates work, and ran up large debts during her college days. Now, she is a credit card slave; because most of her salary goes into paying them off.
by Joe Rodolico January 23, 2007