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3 definitions by jobodaho

the act of ejaculating white fluid into a partners anal core and/or vaginal hole
mike southwood took too many giagantic internal cumshots when he was taking a shower in the gay gym
by jobodaho January 24, 2004
57 18
tthe act of punsihing sum1 by spanking them with ur cock
mike southwood took a giant cock spanking from a black man, but he enjoyed it instead of crying, i guess he is used to it
by jobodaho January 25, 2004
11 10
a man who tries hard not be be homoerotic, but deep inside he likes the big cock floating around the anus
colby is the biggest delaan, i seen him walk in the gay bar and walked out with jizz all over his face
by jobodaho January 24, 2004
4 6