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When a womens gooch is wet and her lips can be seen through her pants. like camel lips, but wetter and they have a pungent smell of uterus juices and quagmirric mirages displaying pictures of underwieght sausages called Gareth Lining.
"holy poop, its a camel tronoserus!!get the nam bread, were in for a long main course meal debrah!"
when a womans flaps have been bumped and grinded too much so that they have been bust open like a dwarfs hairy nuddger throdder.
"mum, you have beutiful flap flairs"
Throwing bacon at a tramp.
"quick, its jonnys dad, trumple thumpit!!"
shagging the shitter out of a whole population of people, male or female.
"I was flange conquering lancashire, now i have AIDs!"
shaggin someone up the gaffer whilst using an adult return ticket and drinking a bottle of JD.
"i was once a bus stop humpbumper, now im married to elton"
when someone masterbates you using there armpit.
"shit, no bodging today, i havent put my lynx on"

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