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Title of 1980 hit record by The Vapors, with a rhythm said to be suitable for masturbation. Title is a reference to the contorted face typical of a guy about to blow his load after a good tommy. The lyrics apparently tell the story of a guy in jail wanking over a picture of his girl.
1. 'Turning Japanese' by The Vapors made it to number 3 in the UK chart in early 1980.
2. I was having an awesome wank last night and just as I was about to cream myself my fucking roomate burst in and said "Fuck, you're turning Japanese!". How we laughed.
by jo-ent November 06, 2006
A male homosexual. A bit like pufter, but with an 'N' at the beginning. Used in southern England.
Dude to Girlfriend: "Who was that guy I saw you talking to?"
Girlfriend to Dude: "Oh him, don't worry, he's a raving nufter".
(Later) Dude to Nufter: "Fancy a threesome, nufter?"
Nufter to Dude: "You nufter".
by Jo-Ent October 24, 2006
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