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1. An action used to preform total sloppysouping. When souping it straight without a strainer the slopchop is mainly used to thin the soup.
2. Used to make a stew when maleeting a trigonometric identity
I really had to slopchop that malaria i had last weekend. It was getting extra soupy.
by jnol123 October 11, 2009
a type of measurement usually used to describe volume. Calculus and trigonometry are usually used to define these measurements but partial differential equations combined with physics is the correct way to find the answer.
how many maleets are in that bottle of jack daniels?

i got so maleeted last night gary.
by jnol123 October 08, 2009
When consuming 12 natis and over 500 maleets of whiskey this state of mind is reached. Screaming this after consumption is common among many when accomplishing this bidnit. Garymalary is classified as a bidnitbakunic.
"Hey man are you alright?"

How many drinks did you have tonight bro?
"Garymalary I believe."

"Calm down man, your doing that bidnitbakunic to hard tonight."
by jnol123 October 20, 2009
When talking about that bidnit in the highest degree.
"Whats we got to do my cuh?"
"We gots to take care of dat bidnit bakunic tonight so dat snitch don't talk"

"What do you want to do tonight dudevondudenstien?"
"Want to get drunk?"
"Yeah i'm all about that bidnit bakunic."
by jnol123 October 11, 2009

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