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Although most people know, some others may not. Chav is actually a four letter abbreviation for "Council House and Violence". This pretty much sums a Chav up as a whole.
Typically Chavs can be found in children's play parks drinking, smoking and generally cluttering up public areas.

Females are known to wear tracksuits with baseball caps usually with labels such as Adidas, Timberland, Reebok and other sport brands. This and also added large hoop earrings, orange skin and over-done make up.

Males are similar with wearing sport brands and are also notoriously known for taking pictures of themselves with their sleeves hoiked up over their shoulders to show how 'ripped' they are, which they are sorely mistaken. They are often seen wearing rather a lot of jewellery and tartan patterned clothing usually beige and brown.

Chavs are also known for their love of violence and acting 'hard'. You will usually find them on The Jeremy Kyle Show talking about how they are not the father of their unborn child(males) or how they did not cheat on their partner with another. Also be wary as some carry knives.

Chavs also seem to be in-capable of typing, talking and even texting in readable/understandable English.
Where do you think Chav culture originated from? They are obviously trying to be like American thugs or something of that sort. Except the thugs in America aren't 5'2", 14 years old, and armed with party poppers, but rather 6'2", mid-20s, and armed with pistols
by jnightwishn July 01, 2011

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