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the collective noun for nieces and nephews
If our niecephews aren't good to their auntcles, they will not be remembered in our will
by jmarcusn February 03, 2010
the side of the bed I do not sleep on
Diva, when working, always insisted that clients sleep on the passenger side of the bed
by jmarcusn June 01, 2010
After you've worn and washed your clothes for years, they stop leaving lint in the clothes dryer lint trap.
Yup, I've worn these cool duds for so many years they are now among my favorite lintless clothes.
by jmarcusn May 30, 2010
collective noun for aunts and uncles
My spouse and I know our niecephews love us because w'ere their auntcles, their parents' siblings, not just because they're in our will.
by jmarcusn May 28, 2010

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