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This is most often confused with actual starvation. It's the time when one thinks one is about to die of hunger, when actually, Americans have no idea what starving is because they are, on average, fed three meals a day.
(1) I'm so starving! I could eat a whole elephant!

(2) Oh really? You are so starving? Because you just ate about an hour ago.

(1) Fine! I'm American Starving.
by jlightning1 April 28, 2011
1- A vuft is a flirty fart because we all know that girls don't actually fart, but there has to be an escape from all that hot air they hold inside. Some can turn out to be minty in smell, and the reason for that is still being investigated.

2- A fart, burp or any other escape of gas from a female during a date setting or in front of a guy she likes. Can also be a quief.
Man: WOAH! Tell me you did NOT just vuft.

Woman: I'm sorry. At least it smells minty. It's not a smell that could kill you.
by JLightning1 March 09, 2011

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