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Kerryann is usually a Caucasian female who is beautiful in every way, she is gorgeous and has the most incredible rack. Kerryann is considerate and sexy at the same time. She makes everyone who knows her happy. She is one in a million and loved by Langley's everywhere.
Kerryann Jacobs is fit as.
by jlang1 December 03, 2011
Coise is an abbreviation of the name Marcoise, Marcoise is a play on the name of Marcus and Marcus is a joke name for someone named Mark.

Thus someone who is ugly with big ears and called Mark may be known as Coise.

Please also see Carbootoise, Carfunkle, Art Garfunkle, Art of a Guff, Crud, Grunt or Crunt
Coise is an ugly little Crunt.
by jlang1 December 03, 2011
A scruffy looking animal that survives from sexing and then eating road kill. Although a Jedders will venture towards small defenceless live animals it is actually the stench of the rotten corpse that arouses Jedders and makes him able to penetrate such wafes and strays Jedders is a demented weirdo.
Jedders found a freshly squashed possum on the side of the road so climbed aboard and humped the little blighters brains out.
by jlang1 December 03, 2011

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