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when most people think of islands, they think of palm trees, sand, sun and 100 degree weather 365 days a year. but when i think of islands, i think of long island which is my home. you know your from here when :
1. you've snuck into the city using the L.I.R.R and your parents never found out.
2. you tried weed summer going into 9th grade.
3.everytime you go to a different state - you HAVE to hit up every dairy queen/sonic in the area.
4. you remember brett saborhagens.
5. you can't imagine living somewhere without beaches.
6. you associate babylon village with hott lacrosse guys and gilgo beach.
7. you started drinking when you were 12.
8. your idea of a party is getting piss drunk around a fire in your friend's backyard then walking through town making an ass out of yourself.
9. you love the yankees.
10. you've spent 10 bucks at a movie theatre.
11. you straigten your hair everyday of your life.
12. you've gone camping before.
13. you've used the word "legit" in a sentence before.
14. you know that the southshore is the greatest place in the world & the northshore is for rich people.
15. you've seen a concert at nassau colliseam.
16. you can name at least 5 people that have moved to north or south carolina.
long islander - so have you ever been the city?

non long islander- what do you mean?

long islander- like manhatten .

non long islander- oh i think ive driven by there like once.

by jkldskldslksd July 18, 2008

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