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A disparaging name for The History Channel. It comes from that channel's propensity for showing WWII or Hitler related documentaries.
"I saw this show about Lincoln on the History Channel"
"You mean the Hitler Channel?"
by jjjk November 18, 2006
Slang term for the state of Florida. It refers to the high number of retirees living there.
My grandma moved down to Gods waiting room
by jjjk July 27, 2006
Slang for a position for three way sex. The receiving partner is penetrated both orally and vaginally or anally by two partners.
She was locked in tight, just like a god damned pair of chinese fingercuffs.
by jjjk November 18, 2006
A nickname for womens breasts, particularly large breasts.
Check out the size of these dairy cannons
by jjjk August 12, 2006
A Slang term for Miami-Dade County Florida. It refers to the high number of New Yorkers who retire to the county.
"Yeah I live in the sixth borough"
by jjjk July 27, 2006
Striking a pregnant woman in suck a way as to deliberately cause her to miscarry.
"Yeah my girlfriend was pregnant but I gave her a poor man's abortion"
by jjjk July 29, 2006
In Baltimore slang an A-rab or Araber is a roving fruit vendor. The name comes from the term "arabale goods" and most A-rabs are not Arabic.
"Well in my neighborhood we called them A-rabs"
by jjjk July 27, 2006
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