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Ayiiia is a model and Hooters waitress who won the realworldcasting.com contest on The Real World: Cancun, having been chosen by viewers who voted for her with the help of a campaign run by her friends. She says she has "an issue with guys" due to her last boyfriend, with whom she got pregnant, and who broke up with her a week before she had an abortion Despite having a boyfriend named Ryan and insisting she is not a lesbian, she enjoys making out with women, and becomes intimate with both Jonna and Emilee. She is of Mexican descent, and this is her first extended trip to that country. She is not easily forgiving, and her candor is sometimes seen as vicious by her roommates, which makes living in the house difficult for her. She has a history of drug abuse and self-mutilation,the latter of which recurs in Episode 5, after repeatedly coming into conflict with various other members of the cast throughout the first several episodes, in particular Joey. In the season finale she and Joey reconcile and have sex. She is nymphomaniac
eww, ayiiia and joey had sex
by jj619 February 13, 2010

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