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I haven't hit the pongolo for three days. Since I got blootered at Ali's party.
by jimxxjim January 25, 2009
The e-mail that is sent to you when you subscribe to an online service.
You have to reply to the wankmail before you will be admitted to the list of subscribers.
I have just replied to the wankmail that i got from Urban Dictionary.
by jimxxjim January 25, 2009
Brown eye: an evil, machiavellian look, or the look of a stupid person.

Derived from a look that might be given by Gordon Brown (prime minister of England). Gordon has only one eye and is frequently called a one-eyed Scotch cunt.
Look at that window-licker. He's giving you the Brown-eye.
by jimxxjim February 15, 2009

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