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Acronym for Online Dating Disorder

When a person has attempted online dating, ad nauseum, and believes they can still "land" the perfect match via said method.
Jim: I really, truly, think I found the one.

Billy: Really? How did you meet her?

Jim: I met her on that online dating site.

Billy: You said that last week, about that last chick.

Jim: I know, but this is the "One."

Billy: Dude, you have ODD.
by jimsnow0 November 15, 2012
The fact that all chicks are bat-crazy, in some way. The partner must accept this and take it in stride, if they want the relationship to work.
Matt: I swear, Kim is nuts.

Jim: They all are. It's standard equipment.
by jimsnow0 November 16, 2012
The prearranged song you play when you are about to get busy.
I heard that old Mark Chesnutt signal song playing downstairs, and I knew he was getting ready to bang the hag.
by jimsnow0 November 18, 2012
Highly audible flatulence resulting from consuming Taco Bell.
1: Sorry.
2: It's fine...that's just Taco Bell Talking.
by jimsnow0 November 16, 2012
A self-command, while still drunk in the morning, at work.
Jim: I am sick.

Billy: You aren't sick, you're still drunk. Think sober.
by jimsnow0 November 18, 2012

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