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Most people think that 'bucktooth' means someone with messed up, disgusting teeth,this is FALSE.
Bucktooth ACTUALLY means when someone has a gap in-between their two front teeth,people think that being called 'bucktooth' is an insult,this is FALSE again,it doesn't mean anything at all,it is NOT insulting in any way possible,it is in most cases a compliment,so people in the 21st century think that being called this an insult,it isn't,your being complimented.
boy-you have buckteeth/bucktooth-
girl-OMG how could you say that?! I thought you were my friend?!
boy-WTF girl i was complimenting you?
girl-oh okay
boy-lmfao your so dumb
by jimmypole April 16, 2013

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