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a band that had the best record of all time (EYEWTKAS) then kind of softened up. they're still awesome, but their first album was better
as long as your mouth is shut, you'll still be fuckin beautiful
by Jimmy Urine October 16, 2003
ecstacy - pill, sweet, pea, e
how many lil ones you got left?
by jimmy urine September 26, 2003
street speed - not pure.
guy 1 - what you got for tonight?
guy 2 - 2 grams of base mate!
by jimmy urine September 26, 2003
A stupid honkey that wont keep itz mouth shut
by Jimmy Urine August 02, 2003
ampethamines - speed, base
i got 2 grams of fast for tonight!
by jimmy urine September 26, 2003
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