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3 definitions by jimmy ex-worcester

A word very common to Worcester, MA into the 1960's, maybe even used today. It's the porch on a three story house (a three decker). I lived in a three decker house and had a back porch and a front piazza.
The family would go out on the "piazza" on hot or rainy days to get out of the house.
by jimmy ex-worcester August 27, 2007
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In New England the local pharmacy was called a "drug store", it probably dates back to circa 1900. In Worcester, MA circa into 1960's the word "drug store" was used more than pharmacy. At least one in every neighborhood and open on Sunday, Massachusetts state "blue laws" had all other retail business closed.
You would get a medial prescription filled at the corner "drug store" in the 1950's.
by jimmy ex-worcester August 27, 2007
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Worcester, MA 1950's a very hot day was "hot as blue blazes"
Radio says it will reach 95 degrees today, it will be "hot as blue blazes".
by jimmy ex-worcester August 27, 2007
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