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is a horribly produced show that has a retarded plot and even worse actors. She has a fake accent that wouldn't ever pass as a real one. They overuse the laughtrack way too much and all her songs are about herself.(just like fergie!)
girl: do you think hannah montana is a good actor?

every one in room: HELL NO!
#dumb #stupid #ugly #disney #crap #low budget #mindless
by jimmy and timmy June 22, 2007
this channel is probably the worst channel ever to be brodcasted. At first the shows were about the cartoons they made but now it totally suck ass. The shows are stupid, but the plots and puns are stupider. This effin retarted channel turns young girls into mindless retards and boys into little fruit cups. They have horrible actors that they use in every single series or movies. If you ever have to watch this show, the universe will collapse into itself and all of humanity will succumb to a horrible death!
(The only reason we hate this channel is because our sisters watch it all the time!)
Boy 1: Did you ever notice that all the unanimated disney channel movies go right to DVD?

Boy 2: Thats because they suck!

Boy 3 (fruit cup): no they don't!!!!!!!

Boy 1: ummmm yeah they do.
#stupid #filth #retarded #low budget #not funny #lame puns
by jimmy and timmy June 22, 2007
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