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4 definitions by jiminski pallenov

Of or related to hairdressing and cuts.
Christophers comment about the 'bob' widenning a narrow face, in his persuit of brownie-points and possibly even some t-bagging later, had taken him to the precipice of his hairdressorial understanding!
by jiminski pallenov February 13, 2009
7 0
An agressive looking and likely hairy vagina
I popped it right into her snouwler.. though i did fear that it would bite the poor little fella off!
by jiminski pallenov February 13, 2009
6 0
the velvet pocket is where all men wish to keep their tackle. It is the females love haven, her vagina, her place of sanctuary and satisfaction.
"He thrust his love-truncheon into her moist and inviting velvet-pocket."
by jiminski pallenov February 17, 2009
5 0
A lady's fury-cup, originally from the cockney rhyming slang for 'fanny'. (it should be noted that to the English the fanny is a beaver not an arse.)
'Christ, she'd had a Brazilian on her Jack'n-Danny!'
by jiminski pallenov February 13, 2009
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