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When multiple flushes will not remove everything on the inside of a toilet after taking a dump. This can be particularily embarrassing at a house party where there's a single bathroom that everyone is using.
Dude, I couldn't help myself...I had to go. Unfortunately I bruised the porcelin and had to use some toilet paper to finish the job the toilet couldn't.
by jimbobf June 27, 2011
Gymprovisation is when you have to use equipment other than the standard equipment available from the gym's selection.

Gymprovisation comes in two forms:

A) a hotel or other gym with a limited selection might require you to gymprovise in one way or another.
B) you might be such a workout freak that you need to gymprovise to hit that muscle "just right".

You should be careful with option B because it can come across as douchy.
Bill: Man that muscle head is ripped.
Jane: Yeah, he must use gymprovisation to get a body like that.
by jimbobf July 26, 2011
Gymposter - someone that wears workout clothing as their primary wardrobe or on their days off, but doesn't workout ever.
Matt: Man, Kevin must workout all the time...all he ever wears are sweatsuits.
Mallori: Kevin never works out. He says he hates it. Trust me, he's a gymposter.
by jimbobf July 26, 2011

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