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3 definitions by jimbobf

When multiple flushes will not remove everything on the inside of a toilet after taking a dump. This can be particularily embarrassing at a house party where there's a single bathroom that everyone is using.
Dude, I couldn't help myself...I had to go. Unfortunately I bruised the porcelin and had to use some toilet paper to finish the job the toilet couldn't.
by jimbobf June 27, 2011
Gymposter - someone that wears workout clothing as their primary wardrobe or on their days off, but doesn't workout ever.
Matt: Man, Kevin must workout all the time...all he ever wears are sweatsuits.
Mallori: Kevin never works out. He says he hates it. Trust me, he's a gymposter.
by jimbobf July 26, 2011
Gymprovisation is when you have to use equipment other than the standard equipment available from the gym's selection.

Gymprovisation comes in two forms:

A) a hotel or other gym with a limited selection might require you to gymprovise in one way or another.
B) you might be such a workout freak that you need to gymprovise to hit that muscle "just right".

You should be careful with option B because it can come across as douchy.
Bill: Man that muscle head is ripped.
Jane: Yeah, he must use gymprovisation to get a body like that.
by jimbobf July 26, 2011