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A magically delicious Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream flavor.
Let's go down to the 7-11 for a pint of Chunky Monkey.
by Jimbo Jones August 22, 2003
originated from "father ted", often used in conjuction with the phrase bum-flaps
Oh bloody arse biscuits.
serves u right for being such a bum-flap.
by jimbo jones June 18, 2004
When you bone a girl hard enough to smack your nuts on her repeatedly.
"Dude, that dirty bitch, I got a good nadslap off her!"
by jimbo jones September 21, 2003
To like or have knowledge about a topic or thing.
"You like pizza?"
" Yeah, I'm all about pizza."
"I'm all about computers!"

by Jimbo Jones July 22, 2003
A broken down old fucker who thinks hes gods gift to the world, its more like a curse on this world, was married to a fat whale of a woman also known as WW. Now resides in his crappy little channel with no friends. Hangs out with BND (see def)
haha look its that old loser whisks! lets put a cap in his head! :D
by Jimbo Jones April 16, 2005
someone who uses the words "friggin" and "homeslice" a lot
Man that dobbs said he had a friggin problem that friggin a homeslice told him when he called.
by Jimbo Jones December 22, 2003
-Freak Train
Some US army fallis holster. That can't tell the difference between her vaginal cannal and a hole in the ground
My word, Freak Train is such a doosh bag
by Jimbo Jones April 13, 2004
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