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The act of applying scented oils, colognes, perfumes, or aftershaves to cover up the true stench of the individual. A nigger shower is not a true shower, but a cover up for the absence of one.
Jamaal forgot to shower, therefore he applied cologne liberally. His nigger shower resulted in a sweet smelling stench, both terrible and pleasing.
by JIM HAT September 15, 2006
to fondly stroke a womens pussy and then, out of the blue, slap her.
were getting a divorce because I brimglicked her last night
by JIM HAT October 14, 2004
a shit with a variety of food specimens in it. A country casserole usually consists of corn, peas, broccili, and or carrots
wooops, there goes the country casserole
by JIM HAT October 08, 2004
to marinate a tender meat in the juices of ones vagina.
I don't have anything to marinate this pork in. I think I'll varinate it.
by Jim Hat April 06, 2005
a boner you get while standing up
Oh my gah, that girl is hot. OOOPS, a lone ranger.
by JIM HAT October 18, 2004
to go scuba diving in the lower depths of a womens asshole
Wanna go shnrgleing with me?
by JIM HAT October 08, 2004
to go around and ride the various sides which a female anatomy provides. Once you are bored with the ride, proceed in a cold hard bitch-slap
I rode the ferris wheel yesterday, my wife was pissed.
by JIM HAT October 15, 2004

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