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an acronym standing for Jizz In My Pants. Used to describe exciting events, one may say "I jimped" without actually jizzing in their pants, because if it was a chick, that would be weird.
If I heard Guns n Roses were getting back together, I think I would have to jimp.
by jigglemetimbers October 13, 2009
One method of giving a high-5 through a chatroom setting. One person types a 5, and the other responds with a 5 to the effect of slapping hands.
The following is a cyber-5.

Dude 1: "Hey man, i just got laid!!"
Dude 2: "5"
Dude 1: "5"
by jigglemetimbers August 31, 2009
a non-word with a meaning.
Person 1: Why isn't jimp in the dictionary?
Person 2: Because it's a martasm

A martastic word is a word not in the dictionary but still has meaning.
by jigglemetimbers October 13, 2009

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