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When a woman has no regard for life and is artificially inseminated producing 6 or more babies at once for fame and wealth.
Paulie: Sup fuckstick did you hear about E?

Bobster: No, what up?.

Paul: You won’t believe it. Well…you know she lost her job 6 months ago. She couldn’t find a job and out of desperation, she totally sold out. Three months ago she flew to Mexico, was artificially inseminated and is now pregnant with a dozen little ones. She did it for fame and money and is completely open about it.

Bobster: Snap! She is the last person I thought would fall into that trap. What a Slummom Millionaire. I thought she would take the stripper route if anything.

by jigglemesac March 26, 2009
to refrain from texting due to severe abuse
I haven’t accomplished a thing at work all week from texting. I need to detoxt for awhile.
by jigglemesac March 13, 2009

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