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A corny commercial MTV rapper who completely sucks. He then tries to say he's bringin Hip-Hop back and has a tired Jesus gimmik. If you dont beleave me that he sucks, just listen to "New Work Out Plan" and you'll see.
"No body wants a little tight ass."
"Oh my god your breath is harsh"
the corniest shit you can imagine
by jiggityjacksmak March 01, 2005
One of the best Lyrical rappers, right up there with Immortal Technique. Sadly not many people know of Sham cause he is so underground and only has Bootleg tapes out which you can only really find in Philly, but by next year he will be known and hopefully have Cd's available to buy, yet never will be listened to millions and go platinum since he is so anti-Commercial and hates everything about the Hip-pop rappers on MTV and radio. His best song is "Death toll" one of the the most lyrical damaging songs you will ever hear, 3 and half minutes of a nonstoping flow and completely complex lyrics nobody could ever touch.
Sham would never sell out no matter how money u offer him.
by jiggityjacksmak March 01, 2005

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