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1 definition by jiggajoo

A white person, usually ignorant and/or racist, for whom the racial slur cracker - while capturing the essence of the individual's personality - does not quite seem to fully capture the extent of the individual's ignorant and/or racist behavior without being used twice. The word "ass" is therefore used to break up the dual usage of the term cracker - not only to emphasize the insult by adding an expletive (for example the way "punk bitch" is enhanced: "punk ass bitch"), but also because using the same word twice in a row doesn't sound right.

Often used somewhat under one's breath in disgust after having just made a point about an individual who is indeed a cracker, or the aforementioned cracker ass cracker.
white guy with a stupid grin on his face trying to sound cool: "for shizzle, my nizzle"

any black person: "mothafuckin' what??? shut yo fuckin' mouth ya little bitch! ....cracka ass cracka..."

The cracka in Cracker ass cracker (also Cracka ass cracka) is almost never pronounced cracker.
by jiggajoo February 06, 2010