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the biggest and macho man on this earth, his 'guns' are so big he is able to swim through land. he cannot wear a shirt due to his biceps being so enormously large, the sleeves rip. his facebook picture brings all the ladies to the yard. be scared of him, dont talk to him if he does not like you. this species of mankind can be found in GWA, Dubai. STAY AWAY FROM HIM!
Guy 1: Bro! Ibrahim is such a jerk
Guy 2: Oh, dude! no! you dont say his name, his gonna kill you now!
Guy 1: WHAT!? omggg nooooooo

Girl 1: Who do you think would win a fight, ibrahim or chuck norris?
Girl 2: Neither, they are both the same person.
by jibba-jibb January 18, 2011

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