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A low-level sex move in which when receiving oral sex, the man, as he is about to ejaculate, pulls out and violently clasps his hands over his partner's ears at the precise moment of climax. The goal is to get the girl to bleed out of both of her ears. If one ear is successfully bled, it's categorized as Mach 1. If both ears end up bleeding, a Mach 2 has been performed.
NOTE: This should not be attempted with the man's penis remaining inside his partner's mouth. Bite reflexes are uncommon but always a risk when inflicting pain upon your partner.
Jack: Jill and I fought again today, she was being ridiculous, so during our makeup sex I reminded her of it by giving her a nice sonic boom.
Tommy: Serves a bitch right. You finally achieve Mach 2?
by jhawk010 August 22, 2009

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