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Small town with approximately 9750 people. Part of the world renound "real FFC", standing for the real fairfield county. The real fairfield county is a group of towns in southwestern fairfield county. These include: Darien, New Canaan, Westport, Weston, Wilton, Greenwich, and some parts of Norwalk and Fairfield. Aka, the areas where the per capita income is something one might not belive. Weston contains some serious gangs such as D Block. Many people smoke, but there are no potheads.
Pretty much you know you're from Weston if: 1) you've never been to a bar 2) you know the first and last names of everybody in your graduating class 3) you pop your collar 4) you can't sleep at night if your current GPA is below a 3.5 5) your first ride was a BMW, Mercedes, Lexus, Acura, Infiniti, or any SUV with at least a v6 6) you can recall playing in the sandbox with at least 10 people in your english class 7) you were actually born in Manhattan 8) there is a bottle of vodka or jack in your trunk 9) you almost hit 3 animals on your way to school today 10) you got your first cell phone in 7th grade, or younger 11) you cant see your neighbor's house through all the trees 12) your dad needs the escalade too, so that when it snows he doesnt have to hurt the bimmer 13) you excel at at least one of the following sports: track, golf, tennis, sailing, skiing 14) you're mom's SUV has a Duke, Dartmouth, Yale, Harvard or Cornell sticker on it 15) you only go to the beach at night 16) the nearest mall is 1/2 hr away 17) you've ever bumped into a classmate while vacationing in Europe 18) you play at least one varsity sport 19) you have no idea how to change a tire 20) you smoke lots of weed, but you're no pothead.
In Weston, D-BLOCK is a very serious gang, like you might die yo.

In Weston, you are a loser if your BMW is USED!! (God forbid.)
by jewfromweston January 22, 2006

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