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One who gets on sites such as urbandictionary and goes through everyones difinitions and gives them the thumbs down w/o reading a single word. Also may like to post their friends names to make fun of them. However these people live said lonely lives, they lose their friends, and all of their kids are born underweight and die young. Types of uber assholes may vary but you can such my balls plx.
justin defined me in a homosexual manner, that uber asshole
by jesusbababoo August 07, 2006
therealpaladin is a gamer of glory. One whom games in the name of the lord. Once was in a clan by the name of "gamers for christ." To be therealpaladin is to not camp, to help the losing team, and most importantly curse the shit out of turks and noob cannoners. On a side note the "therealpaladin" that is current on a dnacompter forum or some gay bullshit isn't the real "therealpaladin" he is fake and made that file about a year later.
uber doper pooper froober da frooblet: "damn it killed again. Fuck you therealpaladin you're fucking up my ratio."
therealpaladin:"Here you go little vagina, a douche bag! Now clean yourself up!"

by jesusbababoo August 10, 2006

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