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42 definitions by jester

life itself
count yourself lucky every day your alive...
by Jester December 06, 2003
38 16
used when somebody is being exceptionally stupid.
scott: yo, ya mum
jon: how bout no scott
by Jester October 28, 2003
50 28
Slang term to lower ones self-esteem, such as poop head and dumbass.
Hey man, whats up?

Shut up and go away.


Leave you punk weasle!
by Jester April 21, 2005
33 20
This phrase asks the other person if they understand what you are saying or what you mean. It's great because it catches others off gaurd.
Man, that girl is hot! You smell what I'm steppin in, Mike?
by Jester November 24, 2004
18 5
This word is used by men to describe a woman who is all of the following: fat, ugly, and nappy. This insult is most commonly used in a club after being approached by one or when trying to help others avoid them.
Pat, watch out...that C-Donkey has her eyes on you!
by Jester November 24, 2004
26 15
"the man", from italian.
hey there goes l'uomo.
by jester September 30, 2003
27 16
A very unique person, who tends to jump from topic to topic during conversations. Usually asks questions when confused, which can be quite often.
by Jester February 16, 2003
14 4