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an awesome accesory for emos,punks,goths,or anybody.they come in many different varieties:striped ,argyle ,dotted ,plain ,neon ,ect.
they are awesomeness xD
did the armwarmers i ordered from hot topic come in yet?
#emo #punkish #arm warmer #goth #accesories
by jessica vacek October 02, 2007
a word thats related to hate but just makes you seem sorta uncool which now is cool.nevr say i hatey you.its used to describe a feelig or a thing or something wierd like that.
i hate when ppl leave hatey comments on my myspace!
gosh,dont get all hatey.
#hate #hatie #comments #wierd #made-up
by jessica vacek August 20, 2007
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