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A woman who seems to attracked every black man possible. Shes a vegetarian and a chronic alcholic. Dont give her your tshirt cause she will sell it. She likes to smoke crack and worship satan. She rides a scotter around the skywalks of st. paul. She loves "hey delia" by the Plain White Tees, and rob jenkins
Yo you are straight up rockin that scooter like Jess Ritz
I dont eat meat, just like Jess Ritz

I WANT TO SMOKE SOME CRACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and be cool like Jess Ritz
#crack #satan #flower boots #terance #black men
by jessZILLA August 08, 2009
A god loving citizen, who loves hot air ballon rides and tabby cats. This man is one with Jesus Christ and has never commited a sin. On weekends he volunteers at a soup kitchen and plays dominos with senior citizens. He prefers christen rock, and you will occasionally see him rocking out to Boy George in his yellow VW Bug. He is a closet homosexual, but will never admit it because he is a chirsten.
I want to be a good person like Derek Shaffer.
He is gay like Derek Shaffer
#god #jesus #little boys #boy george #vw bettles
by jessZILLA August 08, 2009
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