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A person who feels the need to rat others out in order to save their own skin. They are liars and tend to start conflicts between people and groups.
A snitch is the lowest form of life
by Jersey Kid November 02, 2007
The most populated county and most southern county in the state of Florida. Miami-Dade is made up of the city of Miami, Miami's suburbs, and other cities/towns. Miami the city only has around 400,000 people which makes it the 43 largest city in the U.S but its metro area has around 5 million which makes it the 7th largest metro area in the country. Miami-Dade is usually just called Miami because there a lot of areas whith the word Miami in it, (North Miami, South Miami heights, North Miami Beach, West Miami, Miami Lakes, Miami Shores, Miami Beach etc.) Miami-Dade is around 65% Hispanic with a heavy Cuban influence. It is also home to many African Americans and has whites and asians. Miami-Dade is known for its touristy areas like South Beach but it has a lot of ghettos, Opa Locka, South-Miami Heights, Miami Gardens, Liberty City, Florida City, etc. University of Miami is located in Coral Gables despite popular belif that it is located in the city of Miami. Overall Miami-Dade is cool county with beautiful beaches, many spanish speakers, rich areas, and terrible ghettos. Miami-Dade is home to South Beach, University of Miami, Flo Rida, Pitbull, Trina, and many other rappers.
Miami-Dade County is the hottest county
by Jersey Kid June 11, 2008
Let me clear somethings up

1. We don't say Joisey, we say Jurzee I think we would know how to pronounce our state's name

2. The only part of the state that has industrial factories is in the Northeast part that is real close to NYC

3. We have shores, not beaches

4. We have garbage dumps? Naw, your thinking of Staten Island, New York home to the biggest dump in the world

5. We're all in the Mafia? Nope, New Jersey is home to Italians, Irish, Blacks, Indians, Jews, and is a diverse state, stop hating on Italian people anyway, I'm Italian and don't know anyone in the mob.

6. We are small boring state? We might be small but it's not THAT boring, we have six flags great adventure, home to King Da Ka, many malls, beaches, cities (Jersey city, Atlantic City, Newark, etc.) and concerts. If you wanna be bored go to North Dakota.

7. We have a horrible accent, like Cawfee, gawjus, dawg, baygal? Not really, our accents are not that strong and a lot of people aren't even born and raised in Jersey. I know people that moved here from Illinois, South Carolina, and New York so alot of people that your hear talking haven't even lived here for half their lives.

8. We're poor? Pshh, as of 2008 we are one of the richest states, yes CT is richer stop bitiching.

9. Suburbia? Yes are our suburbs are home to soccer moms, PTA meetings, and SUV'S. But suburbs are actually not that bad, we don't have to worry about getting shot, or killed, we can stay out late without getting arrested, you get a lot of friends, no racial tension, no gangs, and we all go to colleges.

10. New Jersey is the same everywhere you go in the state?
No, Northeast Jersey is industry, Rest of North Jersey like Bergen county are rich, and their are ghettos like Newark, Patterson, and Elizabeth but their not that bad. Central Jersey, home to suburbs, Trenton the state capital and shores. South Jersey has Atlantic City, close to Phily, and the best shores in the state.
Kid: Ew your from Joisey, that's not as good as my state!

Me: I guess you don't like beaches, King Da Ka the highest fastest rollercoaster in the world, Queen Latifah, Redman, Derek Jeter, Kevin Jonas, Ashley Tisdale, The Sopranos, House, Princeton, cause they're all from New Jersey and I'm loving it.
by Jersey Kid March 21, 2008
plastic air-head, pointy nosed bitch
Paris Hilton is such a role model (sarcastic) I suggest all the young girls that look up to her watch a night in paris than see how they feel
by jersey kid February 08, 2008
A ghetto is a poor area with mostly minorities living there, where some people resort to crime to make money. People drug deal and become prostitues because they aren't taxed on money they make illegally so they can keep all of it. A ghetto is generally seen in a negative way but it isn't always a negative place. A place like Harlem, New York was once well known for it's high crime rate and for being the black capital of america, it produced music, jazz, hiphop, rap, poetry, it produced great soul food, and great people so just because a place is all black and has dangerous parts doesn't mean it's good for nothing.
ghettos, good or bad you decide
by Jersey Kid April 22, 2008
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